Quality system

The quality starts from the raw material, where possible, we use raw materials that are controlled by the defects with ultrasound evidence that eddy currents (circograph, Defectomat, etc.).

Subsequently, the modern equipment and the optimized production processes ensure product quality and reliability of consistently high process. During manufacturing the articles we are continuously tested through acquisition of process data and statistical monitoring techniques.

This allows us to satisfy even the most ambitious customer requirements, such as complex geometries, report features / critical / important, surface quality, surface / heat treatment and contamination tests.

The management of Venturini Snc is aware of the extreme importance of

→ Customer satisfaction,

→ The preservation and protection of the environment,

→ The protection of the health and safety of workers,

and to this end it has adopted an Integrated Management System for Quality, Safety and Environment, by organizing so that the structures, resources and processes are kept under constant control.

The Management System provides for the definition of the product objectives and processes, the measurement and monitoring of the achievement of the same by means of a system of indicators, the analysis of the results and the definition of appropriate standardization and improvement actions.

The company Venturini Snc is committed to:

  • Resorting to qualified suppliers and raise awareness on quality issues, with a view to continuous improvement;

  • Provide products / services that meet statutory and regulatory / safety requirements and expectations of customers, trying to maximize the satisfaction;

  • Ensuring the fulfillment of capital, favouring the growth and development of the company and seeking adequate profitability;

  • Optimizing the resources used, by adopting the best available techniques in order to pursue the goal of zero defects, zero injuries, zero accidents;

  • Adopt instruments of analysis of accidents / complaints, in order to identify the root causes and prevent their recurrence;

  • Protecting the health of our employees and third parties who access their production sites, through the keeping of healthy environments and the use of low-impact products.

IATF 16949 Certificate


UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015

venturini quality control
venturini quality control
venturini quality control