Products to customer design

We produce components on Customer-specific destined for different applications / industries from automotive to agriculture fields, from construction (construction equipment) to retailers of hydraulic parts.

We are able to study and develop specific highly automated production lines ensuring 100% control over the process.

With the support to companies qualified by our quality control system we can provide various types of surface and heat treatments.

Materials List:
11SMnPb30, 11SMnPb37, 36SMnPb14, 11SMn30, 11SMn37, X8CrNiS18-9, X2CrNiMo17-12-2, 8.8 – 10.9, ALUMINIUM, BRASS,

Standards used:
DIN 7642, DIN7643, FIAT 14261, MBN 15010, 14536 FIAT, IVECO 11-4242, DIN 50 979, TL244, Daimler Mercedes DBL 8451, FIAT 9.57409, 9.57409 FIAT.

Design and Production

Metal Caps
Metal Curve male / female and female / female
Rubber Door Fittings
Special Fittings
Ring Fittings (Banjo) to weld - to crimp - low pressure - in the catalogue or on the customer's technical drawing
Fittings printed on catalogue or from customer design
Drilled screws on catalog or from customer design
Special Fittings brazewelded.